Overview of our Programs

        Taekwondo for Lil' Dragons (ages 4-6)

                  One of the best program for ages 4-6 in Montgomery!  By providing a program that allows students to set short term goals, our Lil' Dragons build confidence and self-respect.  You will notice physical results such as improved coordination and strength, but be even more impressed by the mental benefits our students receive such as enhanced social and listening skills, memory, focus and control.  Our program also fosters character development and instills discipline.  But, the best part, its FUN!



            Taekwondo for Children (ages 6-12)

                 Our children's program goes far beyond kicking and punching!  Academic achievement, physical conditioning, and peer interaction are emphasized as well as life skill development such as dealing with bullies and anti-abduction curriculum.


                Our curriculum was created to give children an exciting and enjoyable martial arts program that will help children maximize their physical and mental development.  The success of your child is our primary goal; we want them to be successful in every aspect of their lives.  We are sure you will agree that enhancing skills such as goal-setting, self-esteem, persistence, creating a positive attitude, and self-discipline will continue to pay off for the rest of your child's life!


          Taekwondo for Adults/Teens (ages 13 & older)

               Martial Arts for grown-ups?  You bet!  Docarmo's adult program offers fun and exciting classes in traditional and Olympic-style sport taekwondo that allows adults/teens of all ages to get in shape, learn practical self-defense, enhance stress management, and creates opportunities for socialization and relaxation.




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