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We chose Docarmo’s Taekwondo Center over other martial arts schools in Montgomery for a number of reasons. First: Master Docarmo has used her 40 years of experience to create a positive, challenging, disciplined learning environment. We’ve watched all three of our children develop confidence, athleticism, resiliency, and a sense of teamwork they couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. The Black Belt instructors/senior students at Docarmo’s are encouraging to junior members, while maintaining high standards of performance and personal conduct. Second: Docarmo’s TKD is affiliated with the World Taekwondo Federation in Seoul, South Korea -- the official international governing body for Olympic Taekwondo. This is not a McDojang. If you want to earn a ‘real’ black belt backed by a Kukkiwon Certificate (Google it), this is the school. If you want to learn Olympic-style continuous sparring, this is the school. Third: Docarmo’s rates are quite affordable. As a dad with three children, cost is a consideration. Compared to other schools – and other sports – Docarmo’s TKD is a relative bargain. Regardless of your age, experience level or martial arts goals I highly recommend Docarmo’s Taekwondo Center.
* * * * *
Why Docarmo Taekwondo Center (DTC) is the best in town? Because the Master, Mrs Docarmo (Mrs. "D") who has been teaching by her heart over 40 years, who keeps always learning to bring the best to her students. My twin girls,14 years old have earned 1st Degree Black Belt from DTC told me once: " If you want the real Taekwondo, go DTC ". Not only Taekwondo, my twins also learned about courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, indomitable spirit, self confidence etc. and courageously protected the bullied classmates at school, not fighting, just came, looked to the eyes and told the bully kids that: " he (she) doesn't want you to bother him (her) anymore, OK (?) ". The bully boy said: " OK "... Oh, I almost forget, I'm a 63 years old man(!) and I just proudly earned a 2nd Degree Black Belt from Mrs. "D" also.

Joann Joyner

* * * * *

It gives me great pleasure to give my personal testimony about DTC and how
it has helped me.  Let me begin by saying I really feel loved and
appreciated by my fellow constituents!!! The time and patience that
they've shown me is great!! Before I began DTC I really was feeling that I
had no purpose in life, especially after losing my Mother and seven months
later my Sister, and four months after that my daughter came and removed
her children that I have had since birth, while she pursued her BSN degree
as a traveling Nurse. I was depressed and very lost and even thought to
myself, What's the point?" My grandkids were taking classes  at DTC before
they were taken from me, so I decided, Taekwondo!!! The best decision I
ever made. Before these classes I was really stiff and not flexible at
all. My family members started noticing that I could run, sit on the
floor, get on the floor, pick my legs up, and yes, even lost some
pounds!!! Other people have noticed that I'm more flexible and even
smiling!!! I'm doing something for me for a change. Ms. D always ask about
our day and the highlight of it. She is not only concerned about our
physical being but our mental state as well.  She takes the time to listen
with love. I love the classes as they have  made the difference between my
life or perhaps death. My new family!!!


Jessie Powell

* * * * *

As a homeschooling family, tkd has helped add structure to our days, which otherwise can sometimes blur one into another.

Scott Merriman

* * * * *

Taekwondo has been a source of great family bonding for us.

Julie Etheridge

* * * * *

We love DTC! Josh truly enjoys class and every Thursday he asks how many days until next class! Thank you and Mr. Robert for all that you do,we appreciate you both!

Rose White

* * * * *

My Daughter has taken Taekwondo form Master Docarmo for several years. Taekwondo is a physical and mental experience. It has had a tremendous effect on her self-discipline. Master Docarmo assistants, (Mr. Robert, Mr. David and Ms. Sam), help the students learn with patience and careful guidance; while teaching them in a clean and safe environment. Master Docarmo and her assistant’s professionalism is just as wonderful as their love and passion for the students. The prices are extremely affordable and you are able to come as much as you want.

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